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How do you make Candied Peel | Find a recipe for Candied Peel

Candied Peel

Easy to make, appears fiddly but takes only a few minutes each day

How do you make Cranberry Relish | Find a recipe for Cranberry Relish

Cranberry Relish

This has a well rounded fruity flavour - nothing acidic about it

How do you make Luxury Mincemeat | Find a recipe for Luxury Mincemeat

Luxury Mincemeat

This is a delicious mincemeat with a lovely buttery flavour

How do you make Maraschino Cherries | Find a recipe for Maraschino Cherries

Maraschino Cherries

Nothing like the bright red sticky cherries found in cocktails - these are deep, dark and dangerous!

How do you make Preserved Lemons | Find a recipe for Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons

These lemons are traditionally used in Middle Eastern cooking but are a delicious addition to any casserole or stew. Try chopping finely and adding to plain yohurt as a dressing for salads or curry

How do you make Vanilla Extract | Find a recipe for Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

Deliciously easy to make, delicious to use

How do you make Red Cabbage & Beetroot with Balsamic & Prunes | Find a recipe for Red Cabbage & Beetroot with Balsamic & Prunes

Red Cabbage & Beetroot with Balsamic & Prunes

A dark, unctious, glossy chutney just perfect with Christmas buffets

How do you make Pesto | Find a recipe for Pesto


This pesto is one of the best things I have ever made and elevates even simple pasta to a delicious meal

How do you make Brandied Plums | Find a recipe for Brandied Plums

Brandied Plums

A boozy, delicious jar of plums all ready to be served with good ice-cream, pavlova, cream and/or shortbread

How do you make Marjorie's Mincemeat | Find a recipe for Marjorie's Mincemeat

Marjorie's Mincemeat

A dark and delicious mincemeat - with no added fat, ideal for vegans

How do you make Hazlenut Chocolate Spread | Find a recipe for Hazlenut Chocolate Spread

Hazlenut Chocolate Spread

A delicious dark version of the market leader - make it at home, dark and dangerous!