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Preserved Lemons

These lemons are traditionally used in Middle Eastern cooking but are a delicious addition to any casserole or stew. Try chopping finely and adding to plain yohurt as a dressing for salads or curry


4 oz
115 g
4 each
Bay Leaves,
6 each
Coriander Seeds,
2 tsp
Black Peppercorns,
1 tsp
Juice of Lemon
2 each

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  1. Traditionally the lemons are cut two thirds of the way down from one pointy end of the lemon towards the other
  2. Repeat at right angles to the first cut. (Ideal if you have a big earthenware jar to fill.)
  3. Open the lemon out slightly and pack with salt then pack into the jar
  4. However, you can cut the lemons into individual wedges and pack them in layers with the salt and spices evenly distributed - it is easier to fill a modern glass jar this way.
  5. Repeat with the other lemons, adding the bay leaves as you go so they are visible through the jar and look attractive
  6. Add the remaining spices
  7. Add any salt that hasn’t been used
  8. Add the extra juice and top up the jar with cooled, boiled water if needed
  9. To use, remove pieces from jar, rinse , remove any tough membranes and chop the skin as liked

How long will it take to make?

Preparation time:
45 mins
Total time:
45 mins

How much?

Makes approx. 1 large jar (1 litre minimum)

Look after it

Leave for 3-4 weeks to pickle, keep for at least a year

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