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Marjorie's Mincemeat

A dark and delicious mincemeat - with no added fat, ideal for vegans


Halved and stoned
1 kg
Apples, Cooking
500 g
12 oz
300 g
12 oz
300 g
12 oz
300 g
Sugar, Soft Brown
8 oz
250 g
dried, ready to eat
4 oz
150 g
Cranberries, Dried,
4 oz
150 g
Orange, Zest and Juice,
Large, zest and juice
2 each
stem, in syrup
4 each
Mixed Spice
2 tsp
2 fl oz
60 ml

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Apples, Cooking
Cranberries, Dried
Orange, Zest and Juice

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  1. Use variety 'Marjorie' plums or any dark red plum will be fine
  2. Start by cooking the plums. Either halve and stone or cook whole and lift out the stones with a spoon. They need to cook until really soft - add a small amount of water to prevent sticking, around half a teacup.
  3. Meanwhile, get your jars ready - wash, rinse and dry in a warm oven
  4. When fruit is soft, leave to cool slightly then either push through a sieve or puree in a food processor
  5. Put pulp into a large pan and add all of the other ingredients except the port - chop the ginger and apricots first
  6. Cook gently for 30-45 mins until everything is beautifully soft
  7. Take pan from heat and stir in a good 'slosh' of port, if liked, and then pot up into the warm jars. Seal immediately and store in a cool dark place
  8. The mincemeat will keep for at least a year and is perfect for vegans as it has no added fat
  9. You can add a few nuts or other ingredients such as cherries if you want to

How long will it take to make?

Preparation time:
30 mins
Cooking time:
45 mins
Total time:
1 hour 15 mins
Soaking overnight
not included in total time

How much?

approx. 12 x 190ml/8oz jars

Look after it

Keep cool and away from strong light. Use within one year

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Marjorie's Mincemeat