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Brandied Plums

A boozy, delicious jar of plums all ready to be served with good ice-cream, pavlova, cream and/or shortbread


Halved and stoned
36 oz
1 kg
Honey, runny
4 oz
100 g
4 fl oz
100 ml
1 each
400 ml
Cinnamon Stick
2 each
Star Anise
2 each

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Star Anise

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  1. Wash the jars, remove the rubber seal and place the jars in a warm oven to dry and sterilise
  2. Put the honey, water, orange zest and brandy into a small pan and stir to combine. Heat gently together and keep hot
  3. Halve and stone the plums, place in the warm jars until packed fairly tightly, add a piece of cinnamon stick and star anise into each jar as you fill
  4. Pour over the brandy syrup, easing the contents of the jar with a round bladed knife to allow the syrup to get between the layers
  5. Ensure there are no air pockets and that jars are filled to the top, then seal the jars
  6. Place on a folded Jcloth/newspaper/teatowel in the base of a large pan, cover with water and turn on the heat
  7. Bring to a gentle simmer slowly over 20-25 minutes then maintain that temperature for a further 20 minutes
  8. Lift from the pan using jar tongs if you have them, or ladle out some of the water and lift carefully with a tea towel
  9. Leave to cool undisturbed and when quite cold test that you have a seal
  10. If properly sealed the plums will keep for at least 12 months

How long will it take to make?

Preparation time:
15 mins
Cooking time:
1 hour
Total time:
1 hour 15 mins
Soaking overnight
not included in total time

How much?

2 x 500ml clip top jars

Look after it

Store away from strong light for up to 12 months

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