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Greengage Chutney

Gingered Up with coriander, cardomom, black pepper and fresh ginger this chutney is hot and fruity!


2 kg
Onions (medium),
Peeled and chopped
450 g
Apples, Cooking
450 g
30 fl oz
900 ml
Sugar, Soft Brown
24 oz
700 g
Fresh Green Chilli
1 each
Coriander Seeds,
1 tbsp
Garlic Clove,
finely chopped
2 each
Ginger, Fresh Root, finger sized,
Peeled and shredded
1 each
Black Peppercorns,
2 tsp
Cinnamon Stick
1 each
Allspice Berries, whole
2 tsp
Star Anise
1 each
Cardamom Pods, Whole
2 each

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Onions (medium)
Apples, Cooking
Fresh Green Chilli
Mustard Seed, Yellow
Ginger, Fresh Root, finger sized
Star Anise

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  1. Rinse the greengages if they need it, drain well and count into a large pan
  2. Pour in the vinegar
  3. Place over a low heat while you peel and chop the onions fairly small
  4. Peel and core the apples, chop to the same size as the onions and add both to the pan
  5. De-seed the chilli and slice thinly, peel and slice the garlic as well - add to the pan, giving it a stir
  6. Peel the ginger, slice thinly, then into thin strips - add to the pan
  7. Make up the spice bag - either a small square of muslin or an actual bag - with the black peppercorns, allspice berries, cinnamon stick, star anise and cardamom pods
  8. Add the yellow mustard seeds, the coariander seeds and the made up spice bag
  9. Turn up the heat to medium and stir all of the ingredients together in the pan
  10. Bring up to the boil and then reduce to a simmer, cooking until all of the contents are soft and melding together
  11. Stir in the sugar and the salt and then leave to cook on, stirring from time to time
  12. Lift out the stones onto a plate until you have found all of them and have the same number as the greengages that you started with
  13. Wash your jars and place upsidedown in a warm oven to dry and sterilise
  14. When the chutney is cooked to your desired thickness, lift the pan off and pot up into the warm and sterilsed jars
  15. Store for around 4 weeks to allow the flavours to develop then enjoy with some good cheeses or cold meats

How long will it take to make?

Preparation time:
30 mins
Cooking time:
2 hours
Total time:
2 hours 30 mins

How much?

aound 11 x 340g/12oz jars

Look after it

mature 3-4 weeks before eating, store out of direct light and use within 3 months once opened

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