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Rhubarb and Date Chutney

A lovely warm, well-rounded chutney with a deep flavour


Weighed after trimming
2 kg
450 g
Onions (medium),
Peeled and chopped
450 g
Muscavado Sugar
1 kg
1pint 10fl oz
750 ml
Ginger, ground
0.5 oz
15 g
Mixed Spice
2 oz
50 g
Curry Powder
0.3 oz
7 g

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Onions (medium)

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  1. Wash and rinse your jars and place upside down in a warm oven to dry and sterilise
  2. Wash the rhubarb and chop into pieces approximately 2.5cms or 1 inch long
  3. Put into a preserving pan with the spices, salt and sugar. Peel and chop the onions, and chop the dates and add these to the pan together with half of the vinegar
  4. Stir the contents of the pan to combine, and heat to bring up to the boil. Turn down the heat to simmer and cook gently for around 2 hours, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking
  5. Add more vinegar during this time if required, if the rhubarb is very moist you may not need all of it
  6. Fill the jars right to the top and seal immediately. Leave to cool and then store for 4-6 weeks to allow the chutney to mature

How long will it take to make?

Preparation time:
30 mins
Cooking time:
2 hours
Total time:
2 hours 30 mins
Soaking overnight
not included in total time

How much?

makes approximately 6 x 454g or 1lb jars

Look after it

Keep in a cool, dark place and use within 12 months

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