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Damson Cheese

Quintessentially English, a late Summer classic, incomparable flavour to enjoy with cheese


2lb 3oz
1 kg
Sugar, White granulated
1 each

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Sugar, White granulated

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  1. Put the damsons into a preserving pan with 300ml/10fl oz water and cook until very soft
  2. Squash the fruit with a wooden spoon as it cooks to help break it down
  3. Sieve the fruit, pushing the juice and pulp through into a measuring jug
  4. To every 600ml/1 pint of puree allow 450g/1 lb sugar
  5. Put puree and sugar back into the pan and stir to dissolve the sugar
  6. Heat the pan and bring the contents to the boil, simmer gently for 35-45 minutes, stirring frequently
  7. The puree will thicken to a glossy paste and should leave a trail across the pan when the spoon is drawn across it
  8. Lightly oil your chosen containers and then spoon in the fruit until level
  9. Cover with wax discs and cellophane covers and leave to cool
  10. Leave to mature in a cool, dark place for 6-8 weeks before eating
  11. To serve, turn out whole onto a board or plate and slice thickly

How long will it take to make?

Preparation time:
1 hour
Cooking time:
45 mins
Total time:
1 hour 45 mins

How much?

Will make approx. 3 x 150g/5oz pots or ramekins

Look after it

Leave to mature in a cool, dark place for 6-8 weeks before eating, improves with age - like me!

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Damson Cheese needs to be turned out so the 125ml 4oz bonta round jar  is perfect