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Strawberry & Gooseberry Jam

A tasty recipe using the first fruits of the Summer


Small and firm, stalks and leaves removed
2lb 3oz
1 kg
Topped and tailed
2lb 3oz
1 kg
Sugar, White granulated
4lb 6oz
2 kg
Juice of Lemon
1 each

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Sugar, White granulated

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  1. Wash your jars and put into a low oven 50-100 deg C to dry and sterilise.
  2. Hull the strawberries and cut any large fruit in half.
  3. Top and tail the gooseberries using small scissors.
  4. Put both fruits into a preserving pan with the lemon juice and set over a low heat to gently cook the fruits, stirring often to prevent sticking.
  5. When softened, take off of the heat and stir in the sugar to dissolve as much as possible.
  6. Put back onto the heat and increase to bring the contents to a fast boil. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.
  7. Cook for around 5 minutes then test for a set on a cold saucer.Turn off heat, pour a small amount on the saucer and leave for 2-3 minutes to cool. If the surface crinkles up when pushed with your finger the jam is ready.
  8. If no set yet place back on the heat and repeat after around 5 minutes extra boiling.
  9. Pour into the warm jars, right to the top, and seal immediately.
  10. This jam will keep for at least a year and there is no need to refrigerate either before or after opening.

How long will it take to make?

Preparation time:
20 mins
Cooking time:
30 mins
Total time:
50 mins
Soaking overnight
not included in total time

How much?

10-12 190ml/8oz jars

Look after it

Store in a cool, dry place for up to 12 months

This information is based on the standard recipe quantities and has not be updated by Rosie's Ingredient calculator

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Try the 212ml 8oz Orcio jar  for this jam which shows off the contents beautifully