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Vanilla Extract

Deliciously easy to make, delicious to use


Inexpensive brand, 70cl
1 each
Vanilla Pod,
3 each

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  1. You don’t have to use expensive vodka for this recipe - own brand is fine
  2. Open the bottle and remove around 100ml - you may have another use for this!
  3. Split the vanilla pods lengthways and drop into the bottle
  4. Seal the bottle again and give it a shake
  5. Label the bottle - not for use!!!
  6. Store it somewhere where you can see it so you remember to keep giving it a shake
  7. You need to keep it for 6 months infusing the vanilla - if you make it in July it will be ready for Christmas
  8. You can then decant it into pretty little bottles, label it nicely and give as splendid, inexpensive Christmas presents
  9. You can start the whole process off again by adding fresh vodka to the vanilla pods in the bottle

How long will it take to make?

Preparation time:
5 mins
Soaking overnight
not included in total time

How much?

Will make approx. 600ml/1 pint

Look after it

Once made, can be stored indefinitely

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When this is eventually ready bottle in 100ml Serranto  - the perfect size, try leaving a vanilla pod in each one

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